My mouth may sound Dutch most of the time, but my heart speaks in English. Although I still consider myself a bilingual poet, I’ve made the choice to focus on my English work for now. I enjoy playing around with fairy tales, folk tales and lyrics and like combining them with thoughts and feelings about madness, sex, motherhood and popular culture.

Published work

I’m chuffed to see my work published in anthologies, journals and magazines. Go check those out or simply read some of my poems here on my website. It’s truly exciting to see my work in print next to the poems and stories of other writers. In the meantime, I’m working on new poems and the manuscript of my first pamphlet. More to come. Always more to come.

Poetry Stanza

I’m part of the Graanrepubliek Poetry Stanza in Groningen (the only official Poetry Society Stanza in the Netherlands). During our open sessions in literary cafe ‘Literair Café de Graanrepubliek’ we share poetry (drafts and finished work, our own and that of others) and discuss what’s good and what could make it even better. Sometimes the group’s big, sometimes it’s just three of us, but the ambience is always informal and the drinks taste good.